B3 Bands for Gyms and Trainers

B3 Bands are the Perfect Training Tool to Add to Your Gym or Training Center

Benefit #1 : Provide BFR for your Gym Members and Clients

With the increase in popularity, your members and clients are going to hear about BFR!

Set your gym apart by offering the best and safest BFR bands.

Benefit #2 : BFR Certification

With BFR becoming mainstream, your members and your referral sources will be looking for a BFR center.

B3 Sciences offers a 6 hour BFR Certification course:

  • After taking the course, you and your gym can display and advertise that you are BFR Certified
  • Increase your gym’s marketability by offering BFR to people who need rehab after injury or surgery
  • Market your BFR Certification for performance training to local athletes and teams
  • Stay on top of BFR with ongoing research and education from B3

Benefit #3 : Personal Training

B3 Bands are the perfect tool for Trainers who want to maximize results with their clients.

B3 Sciences offers advice on how to implement BFR into training routines and schedules

Benefit #4 : Access to Dr. Mike, a top BFR World Expert

Gyms and Trainers who use B3 Bands from all over the world, have access to Dr. Mike, B3 President

B3 BFR Certified Gyms and Trainers have lifetime access to Dr. Mike.

To learn more about B3 BFR, our Certification program, or a phone consultation, contact us by email at [email protected]